Hellebore Time


Under the oaks and pines

A plant grows mighty fine.

Evergreen, shades of pink, burgundy or lime

Blooming ever so sublime

Hurray—It’s Hellebore time!

My friend Kathy's yellow Hellebore peaking through the snow.

My friend Kathy’s yellow Hellebore peaking through the snow.

Imagine, seeing this hopeful sign of spring—just out your window as winter’s wrath has driven you to wit’s end—peaking through the bareness of the last snow.

Or being able to cut and bring a variety of fascinating blooms inside…


Having many forms—singles, semi-doubles, doubles, anemone-centered—and colors—it is easy to see why there are passionate breeders and collectors of this winter bloomer.


Hellebores can be successfully grown in shade, but I have some also in sun;  They are drought tolerant and even the deer won’t nibble!   What is not to like?


They can be cut for arrangements or floated in bowls indoor, or outside, to bring cheer in late winter and delight with hope of spring to come.

Stop by a good nursery and ask for them…  They grow in Zones 4-9.

Having Cabin Fever?   Saturday March 8,  is the last day of Hellebore Festival at Pine Knot Farms in Clarksville, Virginia… the weather is expected to be sunny and high 50’s… so go if you  are anywhere near by!   I have met folks from DC, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina… all beaming with joy for making the journey, wagons filled with Hellebores, hardy Primrose, Hepatica – just to name a few things!

Entrance to Dick and Judy's Garden... Pine Knot Farms.

Entrance to Dick and Judy’s Garden… Pine Knot Farms.

Judith Knot Tyler and her Husband Dick have customers in 49 of the 50 states and will gladly ship!

Magical gardens to meander around their hand-built home.   Plenty of Hellebores and other woodland garden plants for sale.

More next week with tips from Judy Knot Tyler of Pine Knot Farms on tips for propagation and care.

Judith Knott and Dick Tyler
Pine Knot Farms
434-252-0768 fax

Enjoy – living the  EntwinedLife

Jayme B

NC Certified Environmental Educator

Garden Conservancy Regional Representative

JC Raulston Arboretum Volunteer

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – January 2013

It’s a pleasant 50 degrees and overcast at Entwined Gardens  – Zone 7b – Wake Forest, NC.


Camellia sasanqua ‘Yuletide’  which has been blooming for 3 months!


Daphne odora ‘Aureo-marginata’ – Has been showing color for six weeks… Oh the anticipation!

Highlights of the Helleborus  show:

Helleborre array


Hel Pink


Burgundy Hel

Hellebores – what’s not to like –  reminder to cut back some leaves for a better show!


Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Jelena’  – Copper beauty

Bracts Lecoth

Leucothoe fontanesiana ‘Girard’s Rainbow” lights up the shade garden.

Technically not the bloom -but the pink bracts against the variegated foliage couldn’t resist!


Loropetalum chinense var. rubrum ‘Ruby’

Interesting only blooming on the East side of the hedge, an esplosion of color!

Mondo Blu

Ophiopogon japonicus ‘Nana’ – Dwarf Mondo grass

The blue seed baubles  of seeds delight me… I collect and  scatter them to enlarge the patch!


 Down by the lake – Narcissus ‘Rijnveld’s Early Sensation’


Osmanthus fragrans – Fragrant Tea Olive

Such diminutive blooms permeate the Woodland Garden.


Prunus mume ‘Kobai’  – delicious scent with a hint of cinnamon.


Rosmarinus  officinalis ‘Prostratus’  delightfully scrambles over a wall.

Spirea Ogden

Spirea ‘Odon’  –  this charming woodie  blooms several times a year…


Vinca major – Periwinkle a ground cover I love to hate!

Enjoy – living the  EntwinedLife

Jayme B

NC Certified Environmental Educator

Garden Conservancy Regional Representative

JC Raulston Arboretum Volunteer