Come Fourth! Food, friends and fireworks…

We are grateful for Food, Friends and Fireworks… Come Fourth!Fresh Blueberries

For our gathering, I decided to keep it easy with a festive fresh blueberry and raspberry cheesecake bars   based on a recipe from food network by Tyler Florence.

RWB cheesecake

For festive Made in square pans and cut into bar size pieces, I doubled the recipe and have 36 bars.   I smeared one with the oven mitt, so we sampled last night – festive and delicious with a nice lemon note.


On to  Dark Chocolate Pretzel sparklers – from Martha Stewart.   Easy peasy!   Did not chop the chocolate chips and it melted just fine.   Next time I would plan earlier so that I could source more of the round sprinkles as the sugars sprinkles tended to melt and not as festive impact – I’m sure no one but me will mind!

Back out to the garden to gather flowers for my traditional Red, White & Blue Arrangement:


Hydrangea, Mondara and Fallopia japonica! I can never remember the new name: Polygonum cuspidatum ‘Freckles’

Now off to visit friends at their lake house for sharing food and fireworks!

36955_1533097764828_1156312459_31567545_1898613_nHave a lot to be thankful for!

Enjoy – living the EntwinedLife

Jayme B

2 thoughts on “Come Fourth! Food, friends and fireworks…

  1. pbmgarden says:

    Jayme, nice to catch your posts again. This is the first year the two hydrangeas you gave me have been laden with flowers. Pink from my soil, but I plan to work them back toward blue. I appreciate them so much and thank you for sharing. Happy Fourth!

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