A piece of cake and a slice of pie.

Entwined Garden it is a Cake—a sheet cake—large and cut into sections.   The house designed by my engineer husband Phil is on an east west axis back to front and north to south. On the Solstices we have light streaming in across the floors… it is always a celebration!

Entwined home & garden

Facing West

The gardens evolved as therapy for my soul in the long years of construction—I needed color against the red clay and sense of purpose—fluid swaths to soften the edges—frosting on the cake.

Entwined Villa View

Entwined Garden South

It is there I always know where I am and what direction I am facing.

 As a gardener generally I am facing down—tending, planting, weeding—always on a mission. As the garden has grown—so have the chores. It takes the dinner bell or a walk with a visitor to see the view.

I have a new garden. It is a slice of pie.   A crust of a privacy fence on two sides and a lower fluted fence across the wide edge overlooking a natural area. It oozes with sweet quiescent.

Today I downloaded a compass app to figure out which direction I am facing and plan for the sun as it makes its way across the sky.

While photographing the angles, and indicating the degrees of direction it was dazzling—spinning around this way and that—giving the compass a whirl getting dizzy with latent potential.

Looking SouthWest as Hawk circled overhead screaming: Potential!

Looking South West as Hawk circled overhead screaming: Potential!

Memories of another time when I began this garden swirled into view—trowel into sandy soil —adding color and delight—no plan, not a compass, only intuition. A dose of therapy as the winds of change blew across my life18 years ago.

Spring at Vistamar... Azalea and Kwanzan Cherry.

Spring at Vistamar… South East…Azalea and Kwanzan Cherry.

A Hawk soared overhead, shrill voice piercing the morning air, starling my mind, heralding a shift. Landing in a tree—more shrill magical cries—a messenger of the gods.

Now lifting upward to imagine his point of view—bringing awareness and gratitude.

There is not a straight axis yet to be found—yet a challenge and an opportunity for a new direction.

Looking Up to soar with the Hawk.

I can have my cake and pie and enjoy them too!

 Ready to soar! 

Stay tuned…



Enjoy – living the EntwinedLife

Jayme B

NC Certified Environmental Educator

Garden Conservancy Regional Representative

JC Raulston Arboretum Volunteer


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