A beautiful story, whether planting your own garden of dreams or rebuilding an Entwined Life… I am grateful to Deb Hunt halfway around the planet . This came across my screen at the right time, at the right place.

With trowel in hand, tapping down gingerly plant roots or seeds in soil, I let these words pass my lips,

“Grow well and Prosper!”

Then my thoughts flash to Captain Kirk (a “Trekkie”I am not) and I feel a soulful grin as the vibrations are sent, intention in motion.

“Grow well and Prosper!” Deb Hunt

Jayme B – on the cusp of spring in Piedmont of North Carolina

Strawberries in the Desert

I’m an optimist. If one plant dies, I know another will grow. There was a time when I lost sight of that optimism. There was no sign of a strawberry growing anywhere, never mind in the middle of my desert. A series of events conspired to make me miserable, and I did my utmost to add to that misery by staying in a job I hated.

I was working for the Telco giant, BT, trapped in a job that paid well but sapped all hope of being a writer. I liked the people, hated the job.

Put a plant in the wrong spot in your garden and it will wither; transplant it to the right spot and it will flourish. I was like a tomato plant, struggling in the gloomy shade behind a shed. Had I been a climbing hydrangea I’d have loved it. But I wasn’t.

The ‘gardener’ who…

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