Writing a garden’s mission statement and creating a garden name

Over the weekend, speaking with many gardeners visiting the Open Days Tour – the conversation came up about naming your garden… some thought it pretentious,which was my first thought, but when put into perspective as Helen Yoest did in a 2008 challenge, clearly it gives your garden a meaning!

Gardening With Confidence ™

If you write or plan to write your garden mission statement, please let me know; I plan to post the collection. Please include your Zone.  My garden mission statement is at the end.


Most gardens start out innocently enough, and I’ll venture to say, never with the intent to having a garden worthy of naming. But then, till by till, hole by hole, plant by plant, raindrop by raindrop, we have created a mix, a garden, that is as unique as a snowflake.  We look at our gardens with admiration, even when its an adolescence, not quite ready for the world, but with so much hope and promise.  Only the caregiver can see it fully grown and ready to face the world.

After putting in so much time, effort, money, and love into a project, it becomes apart of you, it’s only natural to think of your garden in  affectionate…

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