Spring Awakening – time to tour

A Spring Awakening has arrived in Entwined Gardens.  Mother nature is providing her usual mood swings – 66 degrees here three days ago and plunged to 23 degrees that night.   YIKES!

Even if you’re under a blanket of snow it’s time to tour & scratch beneath it all to see what’s emerging

Now for a Cat’s  Eye view –

Cover of "Stephen King's Cat's Eye"

Cover of Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye


I am laughing!    I am always amazed as what comes up when writing…

The first feature film I worked on was Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye…as assistant costume designer… but that’s another story…

That is a sweet 10 year old Drew Barrymore in PJ’s .

The Camera team did a lot of work with steady cam & handheld camera – which was a new technology then… to simulate the Cat’s Eye view…

…so here’s my still version of steady still cam… in the garden.

Sometimes one must lay on the ground to have a look at nature’s miracle enfolding….


Hosta shooting up like a rockets on a launch pad…   I watered and added a blanket of leaves last night.


Fiddle heads  delight as they question  whether to unfurl their plumage yet… a gift from Amelia Lane and Suzanne Edney….  These babies get 4 feet tall and pop up in unexpected places… but I find them more charming than annoying.


Epimedium form pink basal, yellow shoots  and these are the tiny  yellow flowers getting ready to appear;  the leaves come next.   One must explore or they miss the fairy like blooms….  More leaves needed to blanket from cold.


This I’m not quite sure… the tips of some still bent coming up from the ground…   Might be a May Apple, something I transplanted and forgot it’s new  location to my data base.  It will be a nice surprise.


Solomon seal – Polygonatum – This one requires “I Must Garden” spray… I must spray before the deer eat them  all away!


The red variegation on Persicaria ‘Red Dragon’ is always welcomed.  This is a behaved plant that will get to about 3 feet and in early spring.  Then in summer a show of petite white flowers.


Trillium almost a full month behind Raleigh gardens just 10 miles south.


Tulip ‘Lady Clare’ – a species tulip making her depute in Entwined Gardens!   Love the burgundy striping in the leaves!  Must spray or the deers will find!


The first sign of Tulip ‘Fire Of Love’ … If you love the leaves you will love the burning hot red orange bloom!


The charming miniature Tulip ‘Tinka’  bud and early bloom!  In front of  Star Flower.  I checked with husband Phil, and he indeed bought a bag of bulbs & planted them, before I came to live and love the property.    It is a delight they have multiplied and now tucked in and out of well… everywhere!


The petite native Blood Root, Sanguinaria canadensis  another share from Ameila –  they delight to know end.  Their seed is scattered by ants… any be clicking the above link some amazing fun facts to know and tell!


Pulmonaria – lungwort –    Look at that intense blue!  These again from Amelia’s garden…   Just love them this early!

If  you are in the Raleigh area April 13 – 14, Amelia’s garden will be on the Garden Conservancy Open Days Tour – “Under the Loblolly Pines”… Amelia is a gardeners’ garden… it is impeccable any time one visits and filled with “COOL” Plants.


A determined Muscari or grape hyacinths noses up.


And look at this!   A Vinca minor with a partially blue petal!   I could not believe my Eyes!  I will have to ask Mark or Tim at the Arboretum about this… Stay tuned!

Have I convinced you yet to brave the cold and snow…  get out & see what lies beneath?

Enjoy – living the  EntwinedLife

Jayme B

NC Certified Environmental Educator

Garden Conservancy Regional Representative

JC Raulston Arboretum Volunteer

6 thoughts on “Spring Awakening – time to tour

  1. Great tour! Your hosta are well ahead of mine, which are just beginning to peek above the soil. I love, love, love Solomon’s seal. You have all the good stuff!

    • entwinedlife says:

      Morning sweet pea!
      Thanks! The deer think so too!

      Only the one Hosta is up so high… Planted near the stone wall of the house.

      It’s pouring here… Good for the plants!

  2. pbmgarden says:

    You have a great collection of plants Jayme. I just saw Trillium blooming for my first time ever when we went to NCBG this week. We have lots of deer also. Their increased number has certainly limited what I plant.

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