Horticultural Test of Time for the Holidays

So the true test…

Could I remember how to successfully use an O’dapter,  a month later to create a botanical whimsy for the holidays?

See the results and “How To”…

Purchased one O’dapters  & pre cut Oasis.  I was able to reuse the one from the Thanksgiving arrangements…

Soak the oasis the night before you plan to arrange.

O'dapter candle

Love these candles sticks… a wedding present from my friends Sheila, Brud and Kelly… Timeless Tiffany!

Head out to your yard ( or your neighbors).

The snips of materials only need to be 6 inches long.   I would get 4-8 for each arrangement of about six – 8 varieties, include berries and seed pods.  Look for texture and variety of shapes and sizes.

Ann assortment of colors and textures...

Ann assortment of colors and textures…

Left to Right: cuttings from Entwined Gardens:

Sarcococca ruscifolia, Nandia domestica – berries, Buxus (variagated boxwood), Cryptomeria ‘Yoshino’ (Japanese Cedar), OsmanthusGoshinki‘,  Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Devon Cream’, Gardenia, Hydrangea, Loropetalum ‘Rosy’, purchased Miniature Rose bud in vase.

Since my  color theme was Aqua this year, I had some dried Hydrangeas,   which I  used to cover the base.

Also think about what else you want to use as your accents… ribbon, ornaments, fruits (can be artificial) birds, feathers… what ever your whimsy and have a few of these to attach & place.


Hot Glue Gun gone wild!
I used seasonal peppermints, ribbon candy and red & white Licorace as my accents.

Hot glue gun – if attaching decorations to Floral pins.  I dot glue on the pin stick the decoration and then put another gob of hat glue on the underside to seal the bottom. Craft Stores sell loads of seasonal things already attached to floral picks or pins…

Add some fresh flowers for color – I used miniature red roses buds.

As the candles arrangements will be seen from all sides either use a lazy susan to turn around or just turn it around to see that there are no holes in the design.

The first row or two … be brave just jump in!

Arr detail

Before you know it, it will be gorgeous…  Just keep turning and adding.  There is no right or wrong…  When the  O’dapter is covered add your flowers or decorations.  You will know when you are done… it is a miracle.

BB Table

If you have the space in your garden, consider some additions of these woodies  & conifers for the winter and arrangements – a variety of textures and colors and you will have arrangements for years to come!

Thanks again to my friend Karen Diebolt for the inspirations and encouragement!

Enjoy – living the EntwinedLife

Jayme B

NC Certified Environmental Educator

Garden Conservancy Regional Representative

2 thoughts on “Horticultural Test of Time for the Holidays

  1. Carol Wise says:

    Jayme, Thank you! I am inspired to go outside with my clippers today.
    Here’s a link to a few lovely photographs that made me think of you. Here’s to a wonderful holiday to you and your family, and gratitude for our parallel journeys. Let’s wonder: What will come in 2013??

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