Get thee to the garden… and bring your pruners!

O.K.  I know it’s cold out there for most of you.   But now is the time to get thee to the garden and bring your pruners.

On your way to the mailbox or walking Fido, take a few snips – your neighbors won’t mind.

With just a few snips from your woodies, evergreens, anyone can create wonder for the indoors.

I did not grow up in a flower arranging household and I am always timid and then surprise myself.   One has to leave the critical mind behind.

Like in the film Matrix,  “Free Your Mind.”

My Friend Karen Diebolt is one of those folks who inspires other folks to “Free their Minds!”

If you read my previous musing – Step away from the glitter… – Karen was the one who encouraged me to try a glue gun, and with it produced the wreath for my Mom last year.

So when invited to come to Karen’s workshop on using an O’dapter,

I knew it would be fun and motivating!

Her advice… bring greenery and pruners!   About 15 others showed up and did just that.  I would say about two thirds of the attendees had never done anything like this and all of us had never used an O’dapter.


This is an O’dapter, with Oasis insert and Candle extender…
You will need all three pieces

They can be purchased for  $3 – $5 for the whole set at floral supply stores or online.  They  turn a candle stick into an arrangement.  They hold a disk of floral oasis and then and extender, which allows one to elevate the candle above the arrangement.    Frees up table space and you can see around it.

Because we each brought a bounty of greenery to share one couldn’t go wrong!

Karen supplied some flowers for us.   And before I break down the easy technique, I’d like to show the finished products from the gals…


Karen’s demonstration pieces.
on the left using the O’dapter.

We all stunned ourselves with the results of our botanical DIY arrangements.

First 5

Every one went home with smiles on their faces.

Second 6

Each arrangement as unique as its maker… they all look award winning!  Which is why Karen is an excellent teacher!


Barbara’s stunning arrangement
in a beautiful piece of pottery.

Lessons learned:

Sharing is good.  You can do this in your neighbor hood, your book club or gardening group.

If you do a group project you can purchase in bulk.  I think we each chipped in $3 for the O’dapter kit.  Flowers would be more.

Someone must remember to soak the Oasis over night!

Ask a friend to have a look – to add their two cents… they will be flattered you asked and see something a void or an easy fix… especially if someone is frustrated.

These are inexpensive to do – everyone has candlesticks or knows where there is a thrift shop to purchase. As you can see from the photos, not everyone used candlesticks.

Craft Stores sell loads of seasonal things already attached to floral picks or pins… to be used as decorations in arrangements.

Bring a small box with newspapers or kitchen towels to tuck around your creation for transport.

Clean up your mess.   I always have a coupe of plastic tablecloths I keep around from the Dollar Store.   Any mess can be folded up and shaken into a trash can or  if just greenery  – into your compost pile.

Fall O'dapter

My Fall arrangement which lasted 3 weeks!

Karen said every couple of days to water the oasis – it pulls out of the candlestick holder and may be brought to the sink… if it is just greenery & flowers submerge the whole thing to refresh.   If you use object like ribbons, ornaments or candy, either pull them out or use a watering can over a basin.

So the true test… could I remember how do do this a month later.

I’ll be chronicalling the results in my next post… sign up to follow my friends and I….

Enjoying – living the EntwinedLife

Jayme B

NC Certified Environmental Educator

Garden Conservancy Regional Representative

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