Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day –

Welcome last days of fall!   We have had temperatures see saw – up and down – as low as 29 degrees last night for the Geminids meteor shower and back up to 6o’s this weekend.

Although our Zone 7b garden in Wake Forest, NC is experiencing a drought, it is continuing to produce a show of color and some freak sideshows in our Entwined Life!

Let’s begin the show!

Camelia Yuletide

Camellia ‘Yuletide’ is holiday cheery  -bells of  color echoed with the Nandina ‘Firepower’  against our guest house.   The ‘Yuletide has been blooming for over 6 weeks now, must have gotten the memo from the retail stores –

Ho Ho Ho before Thanksgiving!


Camellia  x ‘Snow Flurry’   – This is new to Entwined Gardens it’s habit tends to be more horizontal and love the blue green leaves.

I have been using “I Must Garden” to deter the deers.   My theory about variegated and white blooming plants… the deer can see them in the dark… that’s why they are the first to get munched.  This bloom is so lovely – it’s worth fighting for!

Ice Plant

Delosperma cooperi – Ice plant – from South Africa planted in a container.


Fatsia Japonica ‘Spider Web’   still going strong… such lovely textures!


Galanthus elwesii var. monostictus  –  Amid the  Oak leaves this brave soul cheers me on every morning from the kitchen window.  This prize came from Montrose in 2011 and has bloomed each year about this time… Nancy Godwin & I emailed about this today as I wanted to have the correct name and she said I’d be able to divide this year!   I have seen another shoot at attention if I gently move the leaves! Visions of a drift of these dance in my head!  Bliss!


Narcissi ‘Early Sensation’ – a gift from Border Babe Amelia Lane.  This Daffodil is always early but a full month this year!


 Oxalis – Pink wood sorrel – another  South African Bulb.  This one came from John Martin & Jeff Bottoms…  You just never know when you’ll come upon blooms.   And here it is today!


Rhodea Japonica – sacred lily – technically not a Bloom, but I love finding these rubies in the garden!


Rosmarinus prostrata Rosemary – so lovely and supposedly marginally hardy in zone 7b.   Happily tumbling over a wall.

Pussy willow

Salix discolor – Pussy willow – catkins down by the lake a full six weeks early! the garden is full of surprises!


Sarcococca ruscifolia – sweet box – diminutive, but fragrant blooms and jet black berries at the same time!

This too is about a month early!  A 4×4 woodie that  grows in dry shade – what is not to love? Great for flower arrangements, if you do not grow Danae racemosa!


Tagetes lucida – mexican tarragon – I often forget about Tagetes as it flops around a bed far from my windows.  And then there they are in your face Blooms – reliable and late in the year – every year.  Wish I could say that about French Tarragon!

Tagetes can be used in place of French Tarragon in recipes.


Verbena – what a surprise to see this blooming along a sunny steps leading to the formal garden.   I am feeling lucky today!

Thanks to May Dreams Garden for this monthly Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day Challenge!

Enjoy – living the EntwinedLife

Jayme B

NC Certified Environmental Educator

Garden Conservancy Regional Representative

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