Step away from the glitter….

Often there comes a time… when you just have to step away…

For the past 3 years every holiday we celebrated was in a nursing home;  many of our family traditions  had to be put aside.

Although wonderful to be spending it together, it was never private; visits seemed far too short or confined.

There is only so much decorating one can do in a shared room with limited space.

A wreath for Jayme's Mom!

But there was nothing like the smile on my Mom’s face when the new Seasonal wreath appeared for her door, or a tiny Christmas tree which I decorated in all of her favorite colors was revealed!

Color co-ordination - pleasing to Mom!

Color co-ordination – pleasing to Mom!

The tiny tree was a gift from my friend Barbara – who’s husband had died.  Barbara understands the kindness of little things to delight, and the space restraints in these times of transition. 

Mom will be with us in Spirit this  Christmas and we will begin again – to create new and different traditions, with a new generation and friends.

This week I am hosting the annual Border Babes Holiday Lunch at our Entwined Home & Garden,   since one of my Mom’s favorite colors was Aqua… We will celebrate her through color and whimsy.

I can only imagine the smile on her face!

I LOVE color, but usually lean toward a more tailored approach with a dash of whimsy.   When I brought home a yard of turquoise & gold crocodile fabric for a tree skirt, I think Phil thought I had lost my mind!

“I just want things bright and cheery this year!”, I said,  ” And different.” – as nothing is ever the same after you loose your Mom.  We both lost our Mom’s last spring.

So off I went in search of inspiration… I found some aqua Paillettes at  Hancock fabrics – which reminded me of my  friend Susan’s mini dress and thought – Napkin Rings…! with a lilt!

I also scored a roll of Aqua embroidered ribbon to run down the center of the table and across like a gift box under the tree.  Perfect for the Red Damask   table cloth pressed and ready to go in the linen closet.  Now we’re on a mission of  Fabulous!

Unfinished wooden napkin rings and some glitter spray paint at Michael’s and I was off….  Napkin rings for less than $3 each when all glitzed up & glittered!

Napkin rings ready to be glittered.

Napkin rings ready to be glittered.

Using a dowel rod, I slid all the rings on it.  Outside, I located 2 gardens pots and propped the ends of the dowel over them.   After spraying the wooden rings,  and twirling them into a glittery confection, I realized that a sealant was recommended, so back to the store I went, but none to be found.

Now I was having glitter remorse…  would there be glitter all over? What if it got onto the napkins (and it did!) – there would be glitter on faces  – I must remember to warn the Babes…  And what if it got  into the food?  It was time to step away from the glitter and get on with it!

Firing up the glue gun…

Note: I am new to the hot glue gun… Hard to believe!  When working in film we made costumes quickly, but they must me able to endure, so a glue gun was never part of my costuming arsenal…

The Paillettes were on a satin ribbon with miniature beads – so how easy is that?  Just fold in the ends and dot around the base with hot glue…

Napkin Rings Glue

But when one row is charming, and you are in the DIY – glam mood, two rows are simply divine!  So figuring 12 inches per ring around I went again!

Rings Finished

While the Gun was still hot, I hot glued peppermints onto floral pins to use in table arrangements….   This could be dangerous!  (More on floral Fantasies later… in a day or too…  subscribe now!)

I found gorgeous pale aqua chargers on sale at Michael’s for $0.99 each… but alas only two left!  Off to Z Gallerie and the chargers above on sale for $2.99 each!   Well, I knew of 4 occasions already to use them!

The Border Babes, arrived and no one was too concerned about the glitter.  Although it was divine to delight and dazzle, our afternoon was about the fun and laughter of being with my horticultural heroes.   It was nice to be out of our gardening duds, and sharing our stories with each other across a table, rather than upside down weeding, or pruning from a ladder, or over a bucket of fragrant mulch.   But with these gals, doing the garden chores is a welcomed morning in the garden – The Mixed Border at the JC Raulston Arboretum.

Over the last twelve years, we have shared and supported our  stories of  our personal gardens, as we have volunteered.  There are stories of marriage & divorce,  life threatening illnesses and  stories of survival, support through children and step children, deaths and births –  the gutsy stuff of the second half  of our lives.   Together we dig deep, plant and sow seeds of friendship, prune when necessary – these stories entwined.

Of course, where there are Babes in the Border, there is an abundance of creativity, laughter and uplifting.   They’re nurturing plants and people.  They have made a tough 3 years – tolerable.

I am Grateful.  Cheers to 2013 and more adventures in the Garden.

Carol, Cynthia, Amelia, Carol, Lisa, Beth & Jeanne.Laurie was in DC with her new Grandaughter Rose.

Border Babes
Gal pals: Carol, Cynthia, Amelia, Carol, Lisa, Beth & Jeanne.
Laurie was in DC with her new Granddaughter Rose.

I am glad to be stepping away from the glitter and moving on.

Gratitude is living the EntwinedLife

Jayme B

NC Certified Environmental Educator

Garden Conservancy Regional Representative

5 thoughts on “Step away from the glitter….

  1. Nell Jean says:

    Traditions change by necessity. What a delightful looking bunch of Hort friends you have. I love your Mom. My own mother died years ago but I delight in my 80 year old neighbor who is my dear friend. When I guessed her daughter’s color-coding of the great-grandchildren’s presents, she gleefully said, “Correct!”

    • entwinedlife says:

      Thank you Nell Jean – color coding good! It is amazing the gifts my mom still shares with me. I appreciate her more than ever! Those Border Babes – I think they are right when they say 50 – 70 is the new 20 – 40 – with our the angst or BS! Joy to you NJ! Jayme B

  2. […] you read my previous musing – Step away from the glitter… – Karen was the one who encouraged me to try a glue gun, and with it produced the wreath for […]

  3. Valerie Brown says:

    Thanks be to your dad (he’s my friend, Aggie Kocol’s, uncle) for sharing your wonderful talents with me. I love your choice of color in your Christmas decor and will bring some of those ideas to mine next Christmas.

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