Two years ago, my husband Phil was in the Emergency Room.  It was freezing cold inside and out – so when Phil was wheeled off for a C-Scan – I ran across the street to purchase a fuzzy  aqua blanket & grabbed the December 2010 issue of Food & Wine Magazine.

Back in the ER, wrapped in the blanket, I settled in for a long night, passing the anxious time with a little Food & Wine…  Husband fine.

Well this was the year to Spice it up and share the bliss!

Alli & Randy’s Annual Wine dinner – they have gathered friends around their table for 10 years.   Each year the wines are amazing and each of the 7 couples  vie over the well orchestrated wine list  to choose their course.   It is always a fun way to explore the world of wines and push the limit on culinary skills.

This year, Phil & I were asked to design a trio of desserts – to pair with a trio of 20 year old Tawny Ports!  Immediately I knew one of the desserts would be Linzer Cookies with Spiced Jam for the 20-year-old Taylor Fladgate Tawny Porto.

So let’s put it to the test.

You had me at Hello hazelnuts

Nutty delicious – the cookie dough: hazelnuts, ground into meal with a subtle punch of lemon zest, layered with notes of cinnamon & cloves.


These Wilton Linzer Cookie cutters are easy to use and the result beautiful to serve.

These Wilton Linzer Cookie cutters are easy to use.
The result a beautiful cookie to serve.

As if that flavor sensation is not enough – the filling:  raspberry jam spiced up with anise and coriander.   Yes, Virginia – this is what dreams are made of!


This cookie is so delicious you want to take each bite slowly and savor.  Perfect with a sip of fine Port.   Enjoyable as well with a cup of tea!  If there ever was such a thing as an adult cookie, this is it!  I just finished the last one I had squirreled away – the flavors are still fresh and lingering… Might have to make another batch of these elegant and delicious cookies to share the BLISS!

Thank you Kevin Sbraga and Harvey Beachem for this perfect cookie recipe – it is Bliss!I have thought about these cookies for 2 years – my reget is it took me 2 years to try this… well worth the anticipation!

Click below for recipe from December 2010 Food & Wine Magazine.

Linzer Cookies with Spiced Jam

Enjoy – living the EntwinedLife

Jayme B

NC Certified Environmental Educator

Garden Conservancy Regional Representative

Spice it up and share the bliss!

2 thoughts on “Spice it up and share the bliss!

  1. carol says:

    I’m sure these cookies taste as yummy as they look!

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