Sounds of Silence and yearning for darkness.

The leaves are down.

With seasonal drop a new landscape emerges – colors turn from green to rust or brown.  And pulling leaves aside there is still life and color to be found!

These corms of delight, (pictured above) Cyclamen hederifolium – with their piggly wiggly tails!  – a souvenir from a trip to Brent and Becky’s  in Glouster, Virginia.

Nature’s Camouflage
Do you see what I see?

Once we lived in the woods.  The quietude and occasional sounds of hunting gone, replaced with pneumatic nailer guns and hammering, and semi tractor-trailer trucks or cement trucks constant during the week on a new road parallel to the back of  our home.

As houses are finished, the weekend’s air is filled with the deafening noise of leaf blowers heralding that we are not alone.

The leaves drop and our view changes from woodlands to rooftops as we now we are surrounded with houses with lights and street lights – on two sides of our six acres plot of paradise. The outside lights remain on sometimes all night slicing the darkness like a sword.  We can no longer see the array of stars the night has become so bright.

Since construction moved to our side, we also have other neighbors that like to visit.  For years we never saw them.  As our woodland has transformed into a golf course community, we see them regularly.   At times, we’ve had herds of 10-14.

The Twins born last spring
Mom is just out of frame.

We have had them born on our property and die.   Yes, sometimes we chase them from prized offerings on our botanical buffet, planted before we knew they’d be regulars diners at Entwined Gardens.  We’ve found newborns hidden in our vegetable garden, just hours old.  But all in all, we do enjoy their visits – watching them grow, loosing their spots, and as neighbors go… they are QUIET.

Enjoy – living the EntwinedLife

Jayme B

NC Certified Environmental Educator

Garden Conservancy Regional Representative

2 thoughts on “Sounds of Silence and yearning for darkness.

  1. Mary Charles says:

    The little surprises you uncover and share with us are such a delightful reminder to REALLY look around. Thanks for the cyclamen and ‘deer’ young neighbors.

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