Fresh from the November Garden

I love  Fatsia ‘Spider Web’

‘Spider Web’ has been growing in a protected alcove at Entwined Gardens, since 2005.   And I must say it is an all time favorite.

I often use the speckled palmate leaves  for  contrast in arrangements, but the complex flowers – white umbels – forming little jingle bells how festive!

Couldn’t resist Chamaeciparis ‘Snow’  name and folliage appropriate – added to a purchased bouquet of roses … Let’s get this Holiday Started!

Happy Wednesday.

Enjoy – living the EntwinedLife

Jayme B

NC Certified Environmental Educator

Garden Conservancy Regional Representative

2 thoughts on “Fresh from the November Garden

  1. […] Fatsia Japonica ‘Spider Web’ –   still going strong… such lovely textures! […]

  2. […] Fatsia japonica “Spider Web”  still looking amazing even as the white umbels begin to droop a little…. have I mentioned how much I love this plant? Hardy to zone 7 -10… might try in zone 6 if protected. […]

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