Searching for pumpkins and finding the Pumpkin King.

I do not grow pumpkins, but yet after reading The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michaelowicz, I’ve found myself searching for one.

One never knows what inspiration might be found in the pumpkin patch… just ask Mike.  I am grateful for this read and ideas it has generated… more on that later…

Working as the Garden Conservancy ‘Open Days’ Regional Rep, I have met some clever & talented gardeners, landscape architects and designers – and seen some amazing works of landscape art – large and small.

On this year’s Fall tour one designer -Jack Lamm – blew it out of the patch!

Pumpkins in Unexpected places
designed by Jack Lamm for Quarry Hill

Oh the whimsy, the mixture of winter squashes – pumpkins, gourds, grapevines, mosses, caladiums and yes, Cotton… a textural transformation on a traditional Southern porch… A welcoming WOW!

With restrained elegance,   one could ponder this porch for a long time and not see all the detail of Jacks delightful diorama of seasonal fruits, topiary & frogs… looking effortless,  yet those pumpkins are defying gravity!

Perhaps someday I will hire a Jack to help me do my own magical display of seasonal splendor, but until then I am grateful to the Homeowners for the opportunities to enjoy their porches and delight in their gracious Quarry Hill Garden.

I was lucky to be able to spend a lot of time in this landscape, but it was only on my last visit, that I traveled the ‘suggested tour path’ in the opposite direction.    There was so much to see,  a different prespective, but there it was…  a glistening sensed out of the corner of my eye…

Jack’s glass pumpkin along the walk…

A glass pumpkin on the stone stair, demurely tucked under a ground cover… heart be still.  So simple, so clever, so understated… This I could do this!

A new quest!

Oh to be sure – I already had a list of  plant combinations that were added to a list – great reason to visit gardens…

Berberis ‘Orange Rocket’
Love the textures…

Jack’s Berberis ‘Orange Rocket’ which he had tucked into a wheelbarrow with an clever texture combination of  swiss chard – stems color echoing the barberry-  &  Carex- was also “a must have” to color echo the most expensive Echinacea Sombrero ‘Hot Coral’ at my hacienda muy caliente garden.

That night while searching online for glass pumpkin, it was evident that a trend has emerged with glass blowers nationwide – exquisite pumpkins!

So off to our local craft gallery – Cedar Creek – which also sells the most unusual plants propagated by friends John & Jeff…  A must visit if ever in the  NC Piedmont…

Oh did they have Pumpkins….

Glass Pumpkins from Cedar Creek Gallery

So this season, I have found inspiration from Jack the Pumpkin King; I have found a glass pumpkin – a diminutive beauty  by glass blower Lisa Oakley; and am happier than Cinderella – as it is impolite to have your glass slipper on the table – but until I find that perfect place in the garden to tuck this treasure away as a delightful surprise… and ode to a job well done and Jack’s inspiration… it will be part of a seasonal table décor.

Lisa Oakley’s Pumpkin

I am grateful for Mary Charles  for suggesting the Pumpkin Plan, a pumpkin quest, and our loyal pumpkin-eating pooch who inspires me to think it’s never to late to teach an old dog a new trick.

Magic dreaming of turkey…

I will leave you today with one more inspiration from Jack, from his table to our table to yours –

Quarry Hill Seasonal Display

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy – living the EntwinedLife

Jayme B

NC Certified Environmental Educator

Garden Conservancy Regional Representative

2 thoughts on “Searching for pumpkins and finding the Pumpkin King.

  1. Jack Lamm is a creative designer and very knowledgeable about plants, plant care and horticulture , and a great eye for composition!

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